We worked with Dunkin Brands, to improve their data management and implement an effective big data solution. Their customer surveys, restaurant operation reports, and social media input were largely unstructured which led to an incomplete overall analysis of their data. We sought to establish business intelligence environment that built a single source of truth to enforce consistency, improve information quality and ensure stability.

With TJX, we worked to create a scalable enterprise merchandise and inventory management solution that supports growth, increases productivity and reduces risk of implementation failure. We began a global merchandising initiative using technology solutions to create a big data solution based around Master Data Management, Enterprise Datawarehouse and replacement of Merchandising & POS systems.

Our goal with Millipore was to ensure just-in-time delivery of inventory and to streamline its supply chain. We provided a Vendor Managed Inventory solution that seamlessly integrates procurement and inventory management systems across companies. We created a system to give structure to data for in-depth analysis to provide insight into how to optimize efficiency.

We expanded the Timex enterprise data warehouse deployment to include E-commerce and customer analytics, utilizing our big data solutions to help better plan for demand and forecast factors that drive supply chain optimization. We helped Timex become well informed about sales trends and streamline the forces that helps drive revenue.

With the Harvard Business School, we sought to establish a business intelligence environment that would provide efficient information management, increased information quality, and increased information security. Our solutions allowed better alumni engagement, helping drive marketing optimization for new students and increasing fund raising.

Circor lacked unity between its data systems due to company acquisitions over time. We consolidated their data management system, allowing them to establish a global data warehouse, integrate business reporting, and streamline supplier procurement. We also created a big data solution to use warranty and claims data to understand the defect rate and customer satisfaction.

Our Belief.

Companies have perfected the art of collecting data,
but not the art of drawing the information they need out of their data.
Companies everywhere are leaking money by underutilizing data.
Our goal is to fix that.

Simply put, we believe in making Big Data seem a little smaller.

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In retail we help maximize sales and marketing, planning and allocation and supply chain optimization through our data management and analysis solutions that allow you to identify trends and develop effective strategy.


We maximize efficiency in plant management by developing solutions in supply chain logistics and vendor analysis that allow you to determine the most cost-effective and efficient ways for you to get your products to market.


We optimize finance, quality, regulatory compliance and research and development in the biotech industry through our Life Science Analytics solutions that efficiently organize and analyze data to suit your needs.

Current Mercury Clients

Who are we?

We are a software consulting company specializing in Big Data analytics.
We are committed to solving problems before they arise, to making the process smarter
and more efficient, and to being a true partner to our clients, in every sense.

The First Step

The first step in any consulting engagement is finding the smartest route to your destination. Getting to best-in-class is more than a goal, it’s a journey. A journey that starts with picking the partner that will be beside you at every step.

What We Do

We bring together the best minds, processes, and technologies to take you through every phase of development more successfully, most importantly getting you off to a strong start.

How We Help

We will help you carefully map out the route that lies ahead of you. As you realign your processes, you will have a technologically advanced partner to steer you through.

Continued Guidance

After all the audits are complete, and paperwork done, how far your organizational changes go depends on execution. Our world class advisory team can take you further.

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