Retail Cloudhouse® is a cloud-based, all-inclusive, business intelligence solution that offers benefits in various areas of the retail industry through established processes and mechanisms of management, support, and monitoring. By integrating the all sources of data within your store, you can measure all aspects of your business with one integrated system. Retail Cloudhouse is designed to help you fully understand the behaviors of your customers and develop new strategies to increase your overall profitability.

Life Sciences

Our Life Science Analytics (LSA) solution provides a seamless integration in the life sciences industry, allowing you to integrate data across the enterprise with extensive reporting and analytics. It offers visualization of data in the context of the scientific questions being asked. It is an adaptable and effective solution, allowing effective data analysis to reveal new trends and help streamline new discoveries.


The most important aspect of operational efficiency is understanding your data. We offer advanced, proven, and integrated data management and data analytics software solutions that help you optimize every aspect of your business. Our integrated data collection and visualization solution allows you to collect, archive, and distribute tremendous volumes of real-time information at extremely high speeds. We will help you fully utilize the power of your data help you maintain a constant stream of information so you can make quick and effective decisions.